FACE Technical Standard, Edition 3.0 was released on 15 November 2017 and is now available for download on The Open Group’s web page:

All final briefs presented at the PMA-209 Open Architecture (OA) Industry Day and FACE Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) are available below in PDF format to download.

Industry Day Presentations

Boeing – PMA-209 Industry Demo Presentation Released Download

Carnegie Mellon SEI – Support of DoD Open Systems Standards 17 Oct 2017 Download

CNS-ATM – RNP RNAV FMF Application Development 17 Oct 2017 SPR (2017-747) Download

Crossfield Technology – 100 Gbps Throughput For VPX Embedded Storage Systems 17 Oct 2017 Download

DDC-I – Certifiable Safety Critical Multicore Solution for Avionics Presentation Download

DornerWorks Virtuosity Hypervisor 17 Oct 2017 Download

Esterel Technologies ANSYS – SCADE 17 Oct 2017 Download

Esterline Open Architecture and FACE 17 Oct 2017 Download

GE Aviation – FACE Compliant Open Map Demo 17 Oct 2017 Download

GTRI – MIMOSA 17 Oct 2017 Download

Infinite Dimensions – FACE Vehicle Control Navigation 17 Oct 2017 Download

LDRA – Ensuring Reliability and Interoperability with FACE and DO-178C 17 Oct 2017 Download

Mercury Mission Systems BuildSAFE Graphics Suite Multicore Software Rednderer 17 Oct 2017 Download

Mission Computer Alternative (MCA) Information Brief SPR (2017-802) Download

Rockwell Collins – MBE Techniques To Facilitate Third Party Software Integration 17 Oct 2017 Download

Skayl – The Skayl Phenomenon 17 Oct 2017 Download

Textron Systems – Next Gen Control Station Open Architecture Concept 17 Oct 2017 Download

UK MoD – PYRAMID_For_FACE_TIM_2017_UKO_FINAL 17 Oct 2017 Download

FACE TIM Presentations

AMRDEC – Impact of FACE Tech Standard Acheiving the CMS Architecture PaperDownload

AMRDEC – Interoperability Among International Avionics Open System Architectures Download

DDC-I – Redefining Software Reuse Download

FACE Technical Overview Download

FACE Technical Standard, Edition 3.0 Download

IDI – FACE Vehicle Control Navigation and Guidance Architecture Experiments Download

LDRA – Coding Standards In FACE Conformance Download

NAVAIR – FACE UoC Framwork Architecture Download

NAVAIR – Reusable Transport Services Software Download

Skayl – Why Should I Care Its All About Me Download

TES-SAVi – FACE Cross Integration Successes Download

If there are any issues downloading the provided information, please contact Alicia Patz at alicia.patz.ctr@navy.mil or Amanda Wood at amanda.m.wood@navy.mil.